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VIDEO: Mike Leach Bizarrely Suggests Coaches Use 'Football Veils' to Prevent Lip Reading

Can anyone truly understand the enigmatic, one-of-a-kind mind of Washington State head football coach Mike Leach? Most of the time, it doesn't even seem like Leach does himself. His latest stream of consciousness rant involves a perfect solution to the problem of coaches having their play calls stolen via lip reading-- all they have to do is where flesh-colored veils over their mouths at all times.

This might top his mascot brawl diatribe from earlier in the season.

So, that's the end of the take, right? NOPE! The Cougars boss insisted that the veils look like real mouths to further confuse anyone who is trying to steal plays.

And somehow, some way, there was even more after that.

Yes, Leach also suggested that Oregon's veils be adorned with a Nike swoosh, while Washington State's be adorned with whiskers and teeth to stay true to his Cougs' cherished nickname.

As entertaining as it would be to see Leach coaching with an unmoving set of mountain lion teeth over his face or Mario Cristobal with a duck bill on his veil, this latest master plan of Leach's likely isn't going to catch on anytime soon.