VIDEO: Washington State's Mike Leach Talking About Hypothetical Pac-12 Mascot Brawl is Hilarious

If you are questioning what you just watched after hearing Mike Leach talk about each Pac-12 mascot, you are not the only one out there. Leach went above and beyond what anyone expected to hear from the Washington State coach. He broke down each mascot as if they were players on his own team:

Leach is known for his entertaining press conferences, but this was pure comedy. The Arizona State Sun Devil, Colorado's Buffalo and Utah's Ute were the best candidates Leach picked to come out on top of a brawl.

Tuesday's press conference was another example of why Leach has some of the most entertaining press conferences in all of college football. Leach seemed to break down the mascots with a combination of boredom and interest in taking the reporters through each one.

In the end, Leach did settle on a winner and kept it at home with the Washington State Cougar. He felt the Cougar was very sound in their mind and had a good sense of when to attack.

All we have to do now is make this battle royal a reality.