VIDEO: Mike Estabrook Screws Over JD Martinez Against Yankees With Awful 3rd Strike Call

The Yankees have struggled against the Red Sox recently, but when they get calls like this, they're bound to get hot. I mean, how can you explain this third strike call against J.D. Martinez in the first inning?

Domingo German's 3-2 pitch is clearly almost a foot out of the strike zone, and Martinez knew it as he flipped his bat down and stepped towards first base. Umpire Mike Estabrook had another idea, though, as he punched him out to end the inning.

Martinez wasn't having it, neither was Red Sox's manager Alex Cora. The two of them got heated with Estabrook after the call, voicing their displeasure with the strike out.

They clearly had a point. This graphic shows just how far the pitch was off the plate. And that was just the first inning. If Estabrook keeps this up, no doubt people will be ejected before this one is over.