VIDEO: Michael Irvin Lost His Damn Mind Pumping Up Miami Fans Ahead of Florida Showdown

Ladies and gentleman, college! The 2019 season officially kicks off Saturday night with a long-awaited renewal of the in-state rivalry between the Miami Hurricanes and Florida Gators. If you (somehow) weren't already stoked, 'Canes legend Michael Irvin has you more than covered. Check out The Playmaker utterly losing his mind while amping up the Miami faithful ahead of the showdown.

Totally chill is definitely one way to spin it, Mr. Cugno.

“We don’t care,” Irvin shouted to the heavens. “We’re coming to your damn house to put our foot on their throat and snatch out your damn heart. That’s what we’re about to do tomorrow. We are going to snatch out their heart.”

We can't speak for everybody, but we'd be genuinely scared for our lives if we were in that crowd. With that being said, there's no doubting that the Hall of Famer knows how to stimulate a crowd.

If tonight's clash personifies just a sliver of Irvin's passion and energy, then there's no reason to believe that it shouldn't be a humdinger. Get your popcorn ready, folks.