Florida Gators Football Getting Destroyed for Premature Tweet Before Season Opener Against Miami

You guys were so close! Just 24 hours away, that's all.

The Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes are set to do battle and kick off the NCAA football season on Saturday, but it appears UF's Twitter account doesn't know when the game is taking place.

They tweeted out "Game day" at midnight on Thursday, which was Aug. 23.......not the 24th.

It seems there's something in the water down in Florida, as we've seen countless Twitter gaffes from college teams (we're looking at you, FSU) in the state. The internet trolls treated this situation no different and went to town on UF.

How's that GPA looking, fellas?

Yeah...the committee isn't going to love this.

Looks like Steve is gonna miss syllabus week because of this!


Even the 'Canes themselves hopped in on the fun.

When even Miami's got you...that can't feel wonderful. Why is this tweet still up?

Head coach Dan Mullen better get a hold of the social media team or else the student body is going to be showing up to games on the wrong day.

What a shame if you placed a bet on Florida. The Gators already posted an L before the game even started.