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VIDEO: Mark Ingram Guarantees Alabama Will 'Whoop' LSU Ahead of Rivalry Matchup


The second-ranked LSU Tigers will head to Tuscaloosa and square off against the third-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide this weekend. Both are undefeated, and you can make an argument that LSU is the better team. But that's not the case when you ask former Bama running back Mark Ingram, who said the Crimson Tide will "whoop" the Tigers on Saturday.

We can't blame Ingram for his point of view, especially when you consider history is on his side.

Alabama has beaten LSU eight straight times and 10 of the last 12 meetings. I mean, the only time LSU won recently was in 2010 by three points, 24-21, and in 2011 in an overtime game where the final score was 9-6.

You could make the argument, however, that none of the LSU teams in recent memory were as offensively-gifted as this Tigers squad, with star QB Joe Burrow leading the way.

It'll definitely be a show on Saturday in Tuscaloosa. We'll see if Ingram has to eat his words.