VIDEO: Lee Corso Makes Hilarious Wardrobe Error After Picking Miami Over Florida on College GameDay

Lee Corso and the College GameDay crew are back for the first episode of the season. As always, Corso made his highly-anticipated prediction for the revered showdown between the Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes, picking "The U" to trump the Gators in the season opener. However, while verbally declaring Miami as his pick, Corso reached over and picked up a Gators beanie, causing confusion among his fellow broadcasters.

Perhaps Corso was simply scared into making the bold pick due Michael Irvin's intense glare. After all, Irvin's allegiance in the rivalry is well documented.

It would appear Corso is still shaking off the rust of the college football offseason. He better do so quickly because there's no doubting that he just deceived millions of viewers that were tuned in.

Corso also made the bold proclamation that Utah would be in the National Championship against Alabama, so he's truly running rogue during Saturday's episode.

Is Corso losing his touch a little bit when it comes to making his picks? While the hat mishap is forgivable, he has a lot of explaining to do in regards to the Utes pick.