VIDEO: LaVar Ball Calls Lonzo 'Damaged Goods' in Latest Episode of 'Ball in the Family'

LaVar Ball is not someone you want to tick off. When he loses his cool, he'll body slam you with his words. That's just the way the man operates. Not even members of his own family are safe. Just ask Lonzo Ball. Now with the Pelicans, Lonzo is working his way back to try and live up to his No. 2 overall pick hype. Well, if you ask LaVar, so far, he hasn't done so:

WELP. LaVar is clearly still bummed his son is no longer with the Lakers, but did he really have to punk his own kid like that? After spending the past few years hyping up his son's playing ability, it's pretty shocking to see him savagely call Lonzo "damaged goods" to his face.

For Lonzo, he'll hope to have a bounce-back campaign in his first year with New Orleans.

Whether LaVar's temper stems from Lonzo's lack of production or the decline of the Big Baller Brand is unclear, but the brand's CEO was clearly less than thrilled, shutting down his oldest son with ferocity.

Should Lonzo get the job done in Year 3, his first with his new team, maybe his father will stop putting him on blast like this.