VIDEO: LaVar Ball Was Completely Shook After Lonzo Was Traded to the Pelicans

Where were you when the Lakers acquired Anthony Davis from the Pelicans? Well, LaVar Ball was at a Drew League game with his youngest son, LaMelo, and based on his reaction, it's safe to say he was caught off guard by the deal.

For possibly the first time ever, LaVar looked truly shocked. He didn't have his goofy smile running across his face, and his thunderous laugh wasn't filling the gymnasium. It's almost eerie to see the father of the Ball family not running his mouth, so he's clearly not pleased with the Lakers' decision to ship his son to New Orleans.

"It will be the worst move the Lakers ever move in their life, and they will NEVER win another championship," Ball said.

It seems that Ball is becoming anti-Laker after the team traded his son. Despite all of his best efforts, using his loud voice to keep Lonzo in Los Angeles, the Lakers went against his wishes.

While Ball claims not to care where Lonzo plays, his past effort spent lobbying for the Lakers to draft his son suggest otherwise. Deep down, we all know, LaVar is hurting.