VIDEO: Lakers Star Anthony Davis Arrives at Lambeau Field for Packers-Seahawks Rocking Aaron Rodgers Jersey

Green Bay Packers fan...Anthony Davis?!
Green Bay Packers fan...Anthony Davis?!

Anthony Davis is famously a Chicago native, but hey, real recognize real! The Brow appears to be a Packers fan, which is information we're...just now discovering. He exited the tunnel at Lambeau Sunday night wearing a white Aaron Rodgers jersey and a green-and-gold beanie, just like your average 7-foot Wisconsin resident.

We assumed Davis would rep his own town, but when presented with Rodgers and Trubisky as jersey options, the decision becomes way clearer. After all, Packer Nation has known nothing BUT legendary quarterback play for the past three decades, so Davis has selected wisely.

A playoff game at Lambeau is a particularly electric experience, even for a man who's won a collegiate national title, and regularly exits the tunnel to a raucous crowd of his own at the Staples Center in LA these days.

Seems like one of the NBA's greatest stars missed the sting of cold weather and the helmet smashing of NFC North football! Welcome aboard.