Kawhi Leonard received plenty of courting from the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason, and Leonard went back home...to join the Clippers. The Lakers reportedly felt they were "played" by the reigning NBA Finals MVP, and the fan base is extra bitter they he chose their neighbor. As for Leonard, he was in the crowd for Saturday night's Manny Pacquiao-Keith Thurman fight and as he was leaving the Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, he was heckled by Lakers fans. They called him "the most overrated player" in the history of sports. Even with the insults being thrown, you can see Leonard legitimately doesn't care one bit.

Leonard's legend continues to grow, as he remained unbothered with a stone-cold expression during this incident. To think these Lakers fans were his biggest fan just a few short weeks ago.

After joining the Clippers, Leonard is now public enemy No. 1 in Laker Land. That's sports for you. But as you can see, Board Man isn't affected at all.