VIDEO: Josh Norman Caught Giving Absolutely Zero Effort After Being Demoted to Special Teams

Josh Norman, the consummate professional, had to scrap and claw for everything he had in this league once upon a time. From an afterthought to the Panthers' best defensive back during a Super Bowl run, Norman got paid by the Washington Redskins, then did...well...exactly what one usually does after getting paid by the Redskins. His regression hit its lowest low on Sunday. Expected to be a healthy scratch when the morning began, Norman was activated for the game, but found himself relegated to special teams. His effort level for those special teams plays ranked as a 0.0.

Yeah, that's...that's not going to cut it. Norman gives more effort running with the bulls.

Of course, the 'Skins can pay just about any stiff to give a higher level of effort on the edge of a field goal or extra point attempt, and they'll likely choose to cut their losses and move on from this statue when the season ends.

The end of the road for Norman wasn't supposed to be quite this stationary.