VIDEO: Josh Donaldson Lovingly Trolls Mets Fan and Gives Her Autographed Bat

Josh Donaldson and the Atlanta Braves are dominating the NL East, and this New York Mets fan is not happy about it. Donaldson is a troll by nature, it turns out, and his antics continued Sunday when Atlanta was in New York for a critical NL East matchup.

Before his at-bat, Donaldson approached a Mets fan near the on-deck circle and asked for her to touch his bat for good luck. Like any good fan, she refused to help the opposing team.

Unfortunately, it backfired for her. Donaldson stepped to the plate and hit a bomb to left field, resulting in him winning this battle of fandom. He came full circle after touching home plate, reaching out to the fan for a high five. Again, she refused.

Between innings, Donaldson made good on his trolling, giving the young girl an autographed bat for being a good sport when dealing with his antics.

The Braves are having fun at the expense of other NL East fans, but as long as they are winning, the trolling will continue.