VIDEO: Jorge Masvidal Street Fight Highlights

Jorge Masvidal may have made a name for himself inside the Octagon, particularly after sending Ben Askren to the floor in just five seconds over the weekend at UFC 239, but he's been a vicious fighter for quite some time. The MMA star got his start in backyard brawls alongside guys like now-deceased bareknuckle icon Kimbo Slice over a decade ago-- and the highlights from those showdowns are amazing.

Slice's protege, a gentleman named Ray, took the first matchup, and it wasn't particularly close. Masvidal lasted all of about 30 seconds before his opponent sent him to the ground with a vicious right hand.

Masvidal responded, though, wailing on Ray for the remainder of the fight. He beat him into submission.

The two would match up again further down the road, but the fight produced a similar result.

Masvidal was simply too much for Ray to handle this time around. At least Ben Askren can take comfort in the fact that he isn't the only one who simply couldn't handle "Gamebred" when the chips were down.