VIDEO: Jorge Masvidal Scores UFC's Fastest KO Ever With Incredible Flying Knee Against Ben Askren

Oh MY, what did we just witness?? Jorge Masvidal just brought the house down at UFC 239 with one of the most stunning, breathtaking moments you will ever see in mixed martial arts. Literally two seconds into his fight with Ben Askren, he soared into the air and delivered a spectacular flying knee that ended things in utterly historic fashion: the violent masterstroke is the fastest KO in UFC history.

The fight was officially called at five seconds, but come on, it was over faster than that. And the fight game won't quite ever be the same. Not after this incredible riff from Masvidal's atomic bomb of a knee.

In his post-fight remarks, Masvidal made it clear that he didn't rate Askren, and that he considered him a fraud. "He's a bum," he replied when asked what made him resolve to make such quick work of his foe.

Oof. Let this one sink in. Let it wash all over you. What a showstopper.