VIDEO: Jalen Rose Flat Out Admits He Was Wrong About Kawhi Leonard Report

Amidst the Kawhi Leonard free agency extravaganza, former NBA player turned analyst Jalen Rose emerged as a top voice as far as where Leonard was headed. Disregarding the fact that he was completely wrong on virtually every aspect of the deal, many people looked to him as a veritable source. Here's his apology plea to all those poor souls.

To be fair to Rose, he makes a good point in claiming that there was an X-factor that nobody saw coming, and that came in the form of Paul George. A week ago, when Rose was on the Get Up! set and claimed that Kawhi was a lock to head back to the Raptors, nobody had any idea that he was in the middle of recruiting George to L.A.

With the Klaw on his way to the West Coast, it's easy to point a finger at Rose for being all wrong, and it's fun to see that he embraces it instead of shying away from it. After all, he wasn't the only pundit to make a bold claim about Kawhi only to be proven completely incorrect.

And honestly, we should know better than to try and predict the future of someone with Kawhi's personality.