VIDEO: Jalen Ramsey Giving up on Long Mark Ingram Run During Ravens-Rams is Pretty Sad

Lost in Lamar Jackson's five-touchdown performance during the Baltimore Ravens' 45-6 thumping of the Los Angeles Rams on Monday night was the tone that tailback Mark Ingram set on the ground. The two-time Pro Bowler picked up big chunks of yardage all game, finishing with 111 yards on 15 carries (7.4 per tote). Ingram's performance came as quite the shock as the Rams previously flaunted one of the NFL's most stout run defenses. So what changed against Baltimore? Well, Jalen Rasmey's pathetic effort of tackling is a good place to start.

That is pitiful.

Ramsey is being paid nearly $6 million per year to practically refuse to tackle an opposing team's running back?

Blowout or not, you expect athletes at this level to compete, and Ramsey should lose some fans as footage of this play continues to make its way around social media. The All-Pro cornerback is too talented for this.