VIDEO: Jake Marisnick Releases Heartfelt Apology After Brutal Collision With Jonathan Lucroy

Though many of Twitter's armchair judges may have decided the very second it occurred that Jake Marisnick had ill will towards Jonathan Lucroy as he encroached on his plate, Marisnick's words seem to emanate from a shaken man.

The Astros eventually triumphed 11-10 on Sunday afternoon, though it would've ended earlier had Marisnick's ill-fated run not been disallowed; he was ruled out, after umpires decided he'd plowed into Lucroy intentionally.

And though the video was brutal, Marisnick maintains that his intention was not to harm, but rather to slide in cleanly.

The play itself looked brutal from every angle, with Marisnick appearing to veer into the line of fire unnecessarily.

However, we certainly choose to take a remorseful Marisnick's word for it; he seems to have been caught up in the heated competition of a tie game, reverting to some of his ingrained baseball instincts. Ideally, he'll continue to ruminate on this throughout the break, reflecting on what type of base brutality lies at the foundation of this game.