VIDEO: Flyers Fans Can Literally Destroy Stuff Inside Wells Fargo Center's New 'Rage Room'

The Philadelphia Flyers fanbase has built a reputation around the NHL of showing tough love to their favorite team, while expressing vitriol to the opposition. How do you help combat such emotion? Wells Fargo Center underwent a bit of an overhaul, as they actually constructed a "rage room" for Flyers fans to take out their anger. The room will contain televisions and glass that fans can smash with a sledgehammers, hockey sticks and baseball bats.

No seriously, this is legitimate.

Fans will be provided with safety gear in "The Disassembly Room" to destroy some fragile objects. Some of those destructible items will actually contain the logo of the opposing teams for extra motivation.

The rage room will officially open during the Flyers' home opener against the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday. Ticket holders can either reserve a time slot or enter via a walk-up session.

Philly actually might be a bit calmer because of this.