​On Monday afternoon, the ​Philadelphia Flyers named Alain Vigneault their next head coach. For a rebuilding franchise with many young pieces in need of developing, Vigneault is...a curious hire.

Vigneault has taken two teams to the Stanley Cup Finals in the past nine seasons. Despite his track record, he comes with a rough reputation. Flyers fans reacted in such a manner.

Good luck with that, Carter.

Yeah, turns out it's not a joke after all. 

At least let us down slowly.

It's...a little late for that, Joe.

So much for that ​Wayne Simmonds return this offseason, folks.


All the gifs are bad, frankly. There are very few positive vibes here.

Give the guy a chance, folks. Surely Vigneault leaves much to be desired behind the bench, but he stands up for his players and has experience expediting a rebuild.

Well, this wouldn't be anything new, considering the Flyers haven't won a cup since 1975.

It's too late now, Philly. You're stuck with him.