VIDEO: Draymond Green Trolls Former Michigan Star Jordan Poole by Making Him Sing MSU Fight Song

Warriors star Draymond Green has been known for his elite troll game for quite some time now. From wearing a Quicken Loans-themed t-shirt to troll the Cavs at the Warriors parade to making fun of Rudy Gobert for crying after an All-Star snub, Green's provocative tactics have gotten on the nerves of many in the NBA world. Apparently it isn't just opponents that Green goes after, however. A video captured from Saturday's preseason game against the Lakers shows the veteran forward forcing Dubs rookie and former Michigan alum, Jordan Poole, to sing the Michigan State fight song.

Green, who played his college ball at Michigan State, must've had the time of his life forcing a Michigan player to sing the enemy's fight song.

This isn't the first time an NBA player has been put in a scenario where they had to represent a rival school. Back in 2015, former Duke star Tyus Jones lost a bet with Timberwolves teammate and Kentucky alum Karl Anthony Towns. The Blue Devils lost to the Wildcats, so Jones had to wear Kentucky gear to practice the next day.

Let's hope Poole can forgive Draymond for putting him in that embarrassing situation. Maybe they can forget about their collegiate differences and come together to help the Warriors overcome the loss of Kevin Durant this season.