VIDEO: Dez Bryant Tells His Daughter She Can't Wear Texas Gear in His 'Oklahoma State House'

Before Dez Bryant was tearing up opposing secondaries in Dallas, he was snagging receptions for a different Cowboys team-- Oklahoma State. The veteran receiver still loves his alma mater, and his daughter tried to get under his skin ahead of their rivalry match with Texas on Saturday night. She wore a Texas Longhorns cheerleading outfit around the house, much to the dismay of Dez, who commanded her to change her clothes because she lives in "an Oklahoma State house."

Not even his own daughter could make Bryant cheer for Texas, as the wide receiver showed his loyalty to Oklahoma State.

Bryant spent three years at Oklahoma State, appearing in 28 games and making 147 receptions for 2,425 yards and 29 touchdowns before getting drafted by Dallas in the first round in 2010.

Longhorn fans probably got a kick out of Dez's daughter's antics, but it's safe to say that Bryant himself was less than thrilled.