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VIDEO: Devin Booker Hits Rudy Gobert in the Groin While Getting Around Donovan Mitchell Screen

Monday night's matchup between the Jazz and the Suns was super intense in multiple ways. In the third quarter, Utah guard Donovan Mitchell used his big man, Rudy Gobert, to set a screen on the defending Devin Booker. Trying to fight over the pick, Booker inadvertently smacks Gobert in the area that no man wants to be hit.

That's gonna sting for a while.

While Gobert was probably in a good amount of pain, this was nothing compared to how Nicolas Mahut got drilled at Wimbledon this past summer.

Gobert's hit wasn't the only heated moment of the game, however. It came down to the wire, and a controversial foul call at the last second is what sealed the victory for Utah.

Both teams have gotten off to nice starts this season, but the Suns playing well has definitely been the biggest surprise so far. Phoenix's new coach, Monty Williams, has them at 2-2 as of Tuesday, and it looks like they're actually playing good defense for the first time in years.