VIDEO: DeMar DeRozan Isn't Enjoying the 'Old Man' FaceApp Filter as Much as the Rest of Us

FaceApp's "Old Man" filter has given plenty of people a good laugh recently. DeMar DeRozan, though, isn't one of those people. The San Antonio Spurs star clearly isn't having nearly as much fun with the FaceApp filter as the rest of us are.

He clearly wants no part of this anymore. The man is literally begging for FaceApp to stop!

Maybe it has something to do with a heightened awareness of his own age. DeRozan is just a few weeks away from turning 30, so seeing a possible glimpse of what he might look like a few decades from now probably isn't doing much to help him reckon with his upcoming birthday.

There's no birthday gift quite like a reminder of your own mortality! At least he balled out in Texas and got to watch his good friend Kyle Lowry win a ring with his former teammates this Jun--yeah, OK, I can see why he might be reckoning with some feelings right now.