VIDEO: Dan Snyder Bombarded by 'Sell the Team!' Chants During Redskins' Blowout Loss to Jets

When an entire stadium's worth of fans hate you, you might want to reevaluate your priorities. Sorry, that's not entirely accurate -- the Redskins would never fill a stadium! During Washington's latest harsh defeat, those who braved the cold, traffic, and Landover location showered owner Dan Snyder with a chant that might convince him to peel out of the tunnels and head home.

Rumors of a potential sale (and interest from Jeff Bezos, of all people?) were quashed last week, but the team's fans clearly have the itch. And what better day than this particular Sunday? The New York Jets are making the home team look like the Washington Generals, fated to fail week in and week out.

And they're the Jets!

So, what do you say, Dan? Give your devoted fans a Thanksgiving show of goodwill and at least float a rumor that you'll sell their beloved NFC East basement-dweller. Get the rumor mill going.

Least you can do.