VIDEO: Damon Jones Claims on 'Get Up' That Chris Paul Doesn't Like the Way the Rockets Play

Former NBA player Damon Jones was on ESPN's "Get Up" Tuesday morning and had some thoughts on the drama surrounding the Houston Rockets. He said that Chris Paul is not thrilled with the Rockets' style of play and feels as if the team doesn't utilize players not named James Harden enough.

If what Jones is saying is right, the rumors of Paul wanting out of Houston could be validated. But moving his hefty contract could be a problem as the 34-year-old is not getting any younger and his window to win an elusive NBA title is certainly closing.

There's a lot of distaste in Houston right now, it seems and the Rockets need to get to the bottom of it in order to get back on track and prepare to make a run next season with the Golden State Warriors looking like they're going to be without Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant for nearly the entirety of next season if the two decide to re-sign.