VIDEO: Dak Prescott Talking About Wendy's Spicy Nuggets in Cowboys Huddle is Hilarious

The Dallas Cowboys have seemed very focused during their undefeated start to the season. One of the keys reasons for this has been star quarterback Dak Prescott's leadership and intensity. But even he's guilty of not being locked in at all times.

This hillarious video shows Prescott calling out a play to his team in the huddle against the Dolphins last week, only to then remember that Wendys' spicy nuggets have made a return. We can't really blame him either, considering Miami posed virtually no challenge at all while the Cowboys cruised to a 31-6 victory.

If Dak's playing this well thinking about chicken nuggets in the huddle, then Cowboys owner Jerry Jones better to be ready to pay up and give him the contract extension he deserves.

Nonetheless, this is a great reminder that even the best athletes on earth are more similar to us than we think.