VIDEO: Cubs' Ian Happ Gets Tossed by Vic Carapazza for Arguing Awful Strike 3 Call Against Nationals


Home plate umpires are going to make mistakes. That's a cold hard fact, but they can't do it in a huge spot like this. With the bases loaded and two outs in the fourth inning with the Chicago Cubs down four, umpire Vic Carapazza called a strike three that was clearly outside to Ian Happ that ended the inning. Take a look at the game-changing missed call:

Not only did Happ have a problem with the call and show frustration, the Cubs' pinch hitter was ejected. I'm sure Happ had some choice words to say, but should he have been tossed for the umpires mistake?

I mean, look at the pitch he called a strike.

Joe Ross is pretty good pitcher, but he didn't have pinpoint control today and shouldn't be getting the benefit of the doubt in a situation that could've changed the game, one way or another.

Happ had every right to blow a gasket, as that pitch was nowhere near the zone. When fans at the ballgame are able to recognize a bad third-strike call from their perspective, you know the umpire just missed an obvious one.