VIDEO: Cowboys Install Mind-Blowingly Awesome Fan Photo Board at AT&T Stadium

This is why people want to go to Jerry World. Just in time for their 2019 opening, the Cowboys installed a photo board at AT&T Stadium that allows any group of up to five Cowboys players to digitally enter your photo. And yes, it actually looks realistic.

The best part of the actual video might just be the players, particularly Ezekiel Elliott and Travis Frederick, just poking their heads in from off-screen and waving. Elliott waves with his hand under his chin almost as if he's one of the little rascals.

The players come in with their happy, maybe even goofy smiles and kid-like charm and create such an awesome, fan-friendly experience. For even a monstrous stadium like this, it's the little things.

The average Cowboys fan definitely would have enjoyed it, even if those same players hadn't backed up their picture with a fantastic performance.

This is just a model of how teams should treat their fans, and how the Cowboys are putting their significant wealth back into the fan experience.