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VIDEO: Celebrating Nick Diaz Lying Down in Front of Anderson Silva 5 Years Ago Today at UFC 183

Nick Diaz mocked Anderson Silva at UFC 138 by laying down on the canvas right in front of him.
Nick Diaz mocked Anderson Silva at UFC 138 by laying down on the canvas right in front of him.

Nick Diaz hasn't fought in five years. It's hard to fathom a man that was such a provocative, irresistible force in mixed martial arts has been away from the cage for that long. But today, we'd be crazy not to mark the anniversary of the last time he put on the gloves. On this day in 2015, Diaz capped off his headline-grabbing feud with Anderson Silva by squaring off with the all-time great at the middleweight main event of UFC 183 in Las Vegas... and gave us a moment of Pantheon-level trolling just one minute into the fight.

Just loungin'. True artistry from a weed-smoking madman so predictably unpredictable and utterly without fear that it's almost comical.

In Silva's first action since suffering a devastating loss to Chris Weidman at UFC 168 just over a year earlier, he went the distance with Diaz and ended up prevailing by unanimous decision. But infamously, the result was overturned as a no-contest after he tested positive for steroids AND Diaz tested positive for (surprise!) the ol' wacky tobaccy. But that's not strictly what we'll remember from that bout.

This was Diaz bringing uncut raw Diazishness at critical mass. It was a stunning dopamine hit of audacity and fan service, and it strikes even harder now that we know the dude literally hasn't stepped back into the Octagon for a full five years since then.

At 36 years of age, it's worth wondering if Nick Diaz should make it official and retire so his legacy as a former Strikeforce and WEC welterweight champion stands no chance of being tarnished. But at the very least, he'll always be the man who just had to lie down, and delivered a mixed martial arts chef kiss if there ever was one.