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VIDEO: Cassius Chaney Literally Knocks Joel Caudle Out of the Ring in Top Rank Boxing Bout

Cassius Chaney was matched up with Joel Caudle in a Top Rank Boxing showdown on Friday night. Chaney was landing punches with ease as Caudle didn't have the agility to keep up. After a few blows to the dome, Caudle began to look a bit wobbly, and another vicious flurry of strikes literally knocked him out of the ring.

The commentator saw it coming, as Caudle was wobbling back and forth before finally falling to his right and out of the ring.

Chaney was visibly fired up afterwards, and who can blame him? Knocking someone out of the ring is more commonly used as a figure of speech than an actual occurrence in a boxing match, but Chaney just lived up to the expression.

The most absurd thing of all is that Caudle actually returned to the ring, managed to beat the ten-second count, and continued to fight.