VIDEO: Carolina Hurricanes Fans Slap Bruins Fan in Face and Give Group of Bostonians the Finger


The Carolina Hurricanes were a great story and almost made their way to the Stanley Cup Finals, but the Boston Bruins made quick work of them with a sweep to advance in the last round. As you can imagine, there were some Carolina fans who didn't take the home ice loss well, including this fan who slapped a Bruins fan in the face, before her buddy flipped everyone the bird.

Context matters, and who knows what was said previously to set it off, but did you really slap that dude in the face? Just like my parents used to tell me, it's just a game. Calm down.

You can also see that another Hurricanes fan was giving the person filming this incident the double-bird. He seems like a pleasant person.

Sports can bring out the best and worst in people. Knock back a couple cold ones and it can turn into assault. Honestly, Canes fans should just be happy they got this far.