​The Carolina Hurricanes walked into their ​second round matchup against the New York Islanders as the road team, and stole the first two games in Brooklyn to nab the home-ice advantage back in a big way.

Up 2-0 heading back to Carolina for Games 3 and 4, the Canes look to take a stranglehold on the series on Wednesday night, and end it on Friday night, sending them to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 2009, where they lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins in four games.

To welcome their home crowd for Game 3, there will be rally towels sitting on their seats as they arrive, and it is an absolute ​troll to Hockey Night in Canada commentator Don Cherry based on the team's attitude adjustment.

The Hurricanes' popular "Storm Surge" after victories at home was not so popular with Cherry, and he proceeded to call them a "Bunch of Jerks" for their loud and boisterous celebrations. Instead of being discouraged, the Canes took this and ran with it, making it their slogan, and even putting in on merchandise, which has been a hot sell so far. 

The Canes continue to troll Cherry off the ice, but the biggest hit to his ego is what they are doing on the ice. Carolina is playing fantastic hockey in these playoffs, even though they had little to no expectations as a team for this season. 

The Canes look to troll Cherry even more on Wednesday night by picking up a Game 3 win and putting the New York Islanders on the verge of elimination. It will be a tough environment for the away team for Games 3 and 4, especially after fans get their hands on these Bunch of Jerks towels.

The fans continue to rally and get behind them more than ever, and have made PNC Arena one of the loudest places to play a hockey game in this postseason. Sorry, Don.