VIDEO: Cam Newton Already Embracing 'Patriot Way' and Bill Belichick Would Be Proud

New England Patriots QB Cam Newton ignores media
New England Patriots QB Cam Newton ignores media /

If the Patriot Way is merely a mantra for media relations, then Cam Newton has it down already. The new Patriots QB was rushed by media at the airport, and handled it exactly how Bill Belichick would've: He said nothing at all, and kept on walking.

Newton is far from the only star athlete to not take kindly to media giving away his privacy after a long trip. Still, he didn't necessarily dissuade the reporter. Instead, Cam kept on moving, reaching his car and (hopefully) going over Josh McDaniels' playbook.

Newton's presence in New England puts all fans in an uncomfortable position. Patriots supporters are so used to rooting on Tom Brady that any non-stationary QB behind center will be an odd sight. For the rest of us who watched Newton's ascent to stardom with aw, we'll now be forced pick a side -- either do the unfathomable and support the Patriots, or lose any rooting interest for Newton for the time being.

Neither is ideal, to be honest.