Cam Newton Reacts to Joining Patriots on Instagram Story

Cam Newton reacts to signing with New England Patriots
Cam Newton reacts to signing with New England Patriots

If anyone can translate Cam Newton's font, please let us know.

For now, though, we'll just judge this as general excitement. The new Patriots QB took to social media a few hours after his signing was announced, and told the world exactly how he feels in joining the six-time Super Bowl champs.

It could be argued that Newton is an upgrade over a 42-year-old Tom Brady, especially given how the Patriots are currently constructed. As a run-heavy team in an NFL predicated on passing, the Patriots are an older mold that no longer suited a stationary Brady, who needs weapons around him to play to his strengths.

Newton, meanwhile, is a threat to run himself, and can extend plays to take advantage of bigger wideouts who needs a little more time to get open. Look no further than N'Keal Harry and Mohamed Sanu, who are surely nodding in approval of this move.

Newton is a Patriot, and he's thrilled. With another chance at a starting job on a team of this caliber, we're not sure we blame him.