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VIDEO: Browns' Odell Beckham is Absolutely Loving All the Hate in New York Before Game Against Jets

Even Jets fans are getting into the OBJ-hating action now. During pregame warmups before the Jets vs. Browns game on Monday Night Football, Odell Beckham Jr. was greeting a Browns fan when a couple of fans wearing Jets jerseys started heckling him. One fan said something along the lines of "You can't take New York" to OBJ, who brashly responded by saying "I'm still the king."

It's pretty bold of Jets fans to not only be bashing OBJ for his saga with the Giants, but also for them to be talking trash to him when the Jets are about to trot out Trevor Siemian at the quarterback position after Sam Darnold came down with a case of mono.

Regardless of how much Jets fans hate Giants fans and vice versa, New Yorkers will forever put each other first before anyone else.

Let's see how well OBJ does tonight while he wears another unbelievably expensive watch and deals with more boos.

He better really hope that Jamal Adams doesn't try to break that $2 million watch. What a shame that would be.