Odell Beckham Jr.'s Latest Criticism of the Giants is Beyond Whack and the Browns Need to Shut up

Washington Redskins v Cleveland Browns
Washington Redskins v Cleveland Browns / Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Soooo, what are you trying to say, Odell?

At this point, we're all beyond exhausted about the chatter that's coming from the Cleveland Browns. The team's obsession with lambasting the New York Giants is a tired act at this point. It's time to put it all in the past and let it all out on the field in a couple weeks.

But, Beckham Jr. and Baker Mayfield seemingly aren't done taking their jabs. And Beckham's latest criticism of the Giants is just incoherent, which means he's clearly running out of things to say.

Before we get into what really matters here, let's zone in on Beckham claiming he was in the know of the exact trade packages the Giants were offered in exchange for his services. While we're not saying he's lying, that's definitely hard to believe given how out of left field this deal was (which he even claimed, stating he was "shocked" when the team told him he was traded!).

But, now for the fun part...he said the Giants "thought" they were sending him to Cleveland to die! The Browns arguably have the best young roster in the entire NFL after taking massive strides last year under Baker Mayfield, and you think the Giants' master plan was to send you to waste away on an up-and-coming team of stars?

This was also AFTER the Giants gave him $95 million and then traded him only to take a massive hit to their salary cap.

You could've been sent to Oakland, Tampa Bay, Arizona, San Francisco, Tennessee...you name it. The Giants did Odell Beckham Jr. a favor and he's still bitter about it, which should be a concern for the Browns if he keeps opening up his mouth on the topic.