VIDEO: Brewers' Broadcast Accidentally Shows Fan Grabbing His Girlfriend's Breast During Game

The Milwaukee Brewers' broadcast panned to a few fans at a very unfortunate moment on Saturday. While peering over the seats in between innings, the camera showed some young supporters enjoying the game, but that quickly turned into a PG-13 moment when a man grabbed his girlfriend's breast right before the broadcast quickly changed to a random shot of the stadium's lighting.

While the camera crew did its best to divert attention, the internet caught the mistake, because, duh, in this day and age, what Twitter troll is going to miss a breast grab?

Looks like these two were celebrating the Brew Crew's series win a bit too early.

Fans watching at home certainly weren't expecting to see that when getting a glimpse of the seats. For the adults out there, it was definitely something to laugh about. But some of those adults might have some explaining to do if their kids watching the game have questions about this.