VIDEO: Rockies Broadcaster Angrily Scribbles Out Score During Blowout Against Giants

Sometimes your frustration can just get the better of you, and we saw an instance of just that in baseball on Monday during the Colorado Rockies matchup with the Giants. Rockies broadcaster Ryan Spilborghs was clearly displeased by the 13-0 score in just the fourth inning of the game, resulting in him scribbling over the TV broadcast's scoreboard as a means to forget about the beatdown plaguing his team.

Despite Spilborghs best efforts, the Rockies were unable to turn things around. The deficit got so bad that Mark Reynolds was actually called upon to pitch.

At the very least though, Spilborghs finally did what so many of us have wanted to do in lopsided games: he just outright got rid of the score.

Hopefully the Rockies will fare better in the second clash of the doubleheader, or else this will certainly be a day to forget in the Mile High City.