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VIDEO: Braves Mascot Tricks Bryce Harper Into Signing Away His $330 Million Contract


Atlanta Braves mascot, Blooper, is rolling in the Benjamin's. He was able to trick San Diego Padres infielder Manny Machado into signing over his $300 million contract earlier in the season, and on Sunday he had his sights set on Philadelphia Phillies star Bryce Harper, who signed a $330 million deal this offseason. Take a look at what Blooper had up his sleeve:

With Machado, Blooper just wanted his autograph and he hid the fact it was big check underneath. Today, he had Harper "sign" a giant card that declared today "National Bryce Harper Day." Just like before, Blooper led him astray and there was a check for $330 million underneath.

Blooper has to be the richest mascot of all-time, now that he has over half a billion dollars in the bank.