VIDEO: Brandy Halladay Speech at Hall of Fame Ceremony for Husband Roy Halladay Was a Tearjerker

With the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Sunday, we got to see the great Roy Halladay's legacy live on among the MLB greats. His wife, Brandy Halladay, gave a tearjerking speech upon his induction, sharing her admiration for her husband while also praising the two teams he played for: the Philadelphia Phillies and Toronto Blue Jays.

Halladay was inducted with no logo on his plaque, and as Brandy says, that's exactly how Roy would have wanted it if he were still with us today, as he experienced immense success with both organizations. Roy was there in spirit, undoubtedly quite proud of his wife for giving this great speech in his honor.

DOC's tragic death and outstanding baseball legacy will never be forgotten. He'll live on forever as a Hall of Fame inductee in Cooperstown.