What seemed to already be a difficult decision during life​ was rendered near impossible post-mortem.

But, ​Roy Halladay's family has a perfect solution in place for the dreaded, "Which cap?" question that's been plaguing Mike Mussina these past 24 hours.

Incredibly distinguished as the greatest Blue Jay, ​Halladay became associated with the Phillies during the later years of his career and his only postseason trips. So, out of respect to two great cities where the family felt at home, Halladay's wife announced that Roy's plaque wouldn't include a logo .

​​Though this would've been our last chance to get the weird 2004 Blue Jays hat in the Hall, we completely understand the decision.

Halladay certainly carried himself well with both franchises, racking up 55 wins and two All-Star appearances in four years with Philadelphia, in addition to his six All-Stars and 148 wins in Toronto (he split his two Cy Youngs between the two cities).

​​As Halladay's wife put forth so eloquently, Halladay was simply a baseball player, above all else, who loved his two homes. That's how he'll be carried into eternity.