VIDEO: Billy Hamilton Makes Electric Leaping Catch Against Wall to Rob Clint Frazier of Extra Bases

Billy Hamilton has the speed to catch up to virtually any batted ball, even in a park as cavernous as Kauffman Stadium. The Kansas City Royals center fielder tracked down a ball and made a fantastic leaping catch at the wall to rob Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier of extra bases.

Talk about getting on your horse to make the play. Hamilton showed off why he's known as one of baseball's most lethal speedsters.

The ball left Frazier's bat 102 mph and had an expected batting average of .710 according to Statcast, the highest mark of any barreled baseball in Saturday's game to that point.

But thanks to Hamilton's willingness to sacrifice his body for the team, Frazier was denied his extra-base hit, and instead had to make a disappointing walk back to the dugout.