VIDEO: Antonio Brown Says He Wants to Return to Patriots on Instagram Live

Just when you thought that Antonio Brown was going to be out of the news cycle for good, he's resurfaced on Instagram, and is still apparently trying to make a comeback despite asserting that he was going to retire following his latest release. The former Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots wide receiver, who recently filed grievances against both teams after they voided guaranteed money in the wake of his clownish behavior, told the Pats to consider re-signing him.

If the Patriots were to reverse course like this, it would be a complete 180 from the 20 years of precedent Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft have set.

It definitely does not help that Brown fired off some tweets that were critical of the media's portrayal of Kraft as compared to him, which burned any semblance of a bridge Brown had in New England.

Quick word of advice, AB. The best way to rejoin a company that you previously worked at becomes much harder when you publicly insult the owner. At this point, you should probably stick to working on your degree from Central Michigan.