VIDEO: Anthony Rizzo Gave HR Ball to Shortstop of Japan's Little League Team for Best Reason Ever

Anthony Rizzo gifts his home run ball to the shortstop on Team Japan.
Anthony Rizzo gifts his home run ball to the shortstop on Team Japan. /

Sunday was truly a spectacle as the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates walked into Williamsport, Pennsylvania to take in the sights and sounds of the 2019 Little League World Series. In the fifth inning of the Little League Classic, first baseman Anthony Rizzo hit a two-run homer off the scoreboard and decided to gift the ball to a lucky fan. Rizzo approached teammate Yu Darvish, letting him know he wanted to gift the ball to the shortstop of Team Japan because he "thinks he's going to be good" coupled with the fact that all of the Japanese youngsters dapped him up.

That's right kids. Make sure you dap up your elders, especially super cool elders like Mr. Rizzo. This gesture has to encourage today's youth to be more fun, right?

After attempting to squeeze the baseball through the protective netting, Rizzo had Darvish point to the young Team Japan player to let him know he was going to bring him the ball.

The Cubs, Pirates, and Major League Baseball did a tremendous job of giving the Little League World Series even more exposure than it already has.

Plus, this small act of kindness from Anthony Rizzo will no doubt provide a memory that the Team Japan shortstop will remember for the rest of his life.