VIDEO: Announcer During USA-Brazil FIBA Game Fell Silent When Cameras Cut to Stunning Female Fan

Focus on the game, guys! While the FIBA World Cup isn't the most entertaining tournament, it's still a worldwide event, and USA vs Brazil actually provided a captivating matchup for a good portion of the game. That is, until this female Brazilian fan decided to take over when the cameras cut to her. Let's check in with the announcers...

Not a peep from those guys when listening to that audio.

" they're giving.......from their fans." Has this guy never seen a pair of breasts before? Come on, bud, keep it together!

Then again, at that point the USA was pulling away, so perhaps this was the only thing keeping Brazil fans awake. For those who cared about the game highlights and not the shake n bake, here you go:

Highlights all around, folks!