VIDEO: 2nd Female Fan in as Many Days Runs Onto Field to Hug Cody Bellinger

Last week, the Dodgers rocked the baseball world by hitting walk-off homers in three straight games. Now, they've got a new streak going, but it's one they're probably hoping ends immediately. It's now been back-to-back contests where a fan has rushed the field to hug Cody Bellinger? Yes indeed:

We all saw the fan hit the field on Sunday. She went on to share quite the story as to why she decided to do it. Now, though, another young lady has decided she can't keep her arms off of Bellinger, and somehow evaded security to reach him...on the road in Arizona, no less!

As you can see in the video above, her time next to the star L.A. outfielder didn't last long, as she was quickly apprehended by staff members. For Bellinger, though, this is becoming an old act.

The Dodgers are set to take on the Diamondbacks on Tuesday night. We can only hope there's not another incident to deal with.