Hey, remember when a Dodgers fan got through security, hopped the outfield fence, and ran to give Cody Bellinger a hug in the middle of a game this weekend?

Well, that fan -- Paola -- took to the airwaves on Monday to explain it all, including her fandom, her motives, and her strategy.

Say what you want about running onto the field of play during a game, but I think this girl is a genius. She wasn't just some drunk fan who wanted to get time on air. She was a 15-year-old superfan who had a brilliantly choreographed plan -- one that involved waiting for her mom to leave for the bathroom, sneaking past a security guard, and busting it to Bellinger before being tackled by stadium security.

When the security finally caught up to her, she said that she was so happy that she didn't even notice herself getting tackled.

And, hey, props to Bellinger for having fun with it, too. He could have easily turned around and walked away, but he instead started laughing and hugged her back. He gave Paola a lifelong memory, even if it ended with her getting bodied by security and escorted off the field in handcuffs.

I think Bellinger made some new fans after doing this. Hopefully, though, none of them decide to run onto the field for a hug.