Jazz Star Donovan Mitchell Tests Positive for Coronavirus After Rudy Gobert Was Reportedly Careless in Locker Room

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell
Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell / Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic hit the sporting world in devastating fashion on Wednesday night, with Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert's positive test triggering a shutdown of the NBA schedule, and his careless behavior with a set of reporters' microphones throwing his mental awareness of the matter into serious question.

Now, the virus has spread to one of Gobert's quarantined teammates.

Per Adrian Wojnarowski, star scorer Donovan Mitchell has now tested positive for COVID-19 as well.

It's particularly damning to read an official release from Woj, the league's top newsbreaker, that mentions Gobert's recklessness with players and belongings as relayed by his own teammates in the locker room.


Of course, we already had visual evidence representing Gobert's public carelessness -- he put the health of several reporters at risk when he made a mockery of coronavirus precautions three days ago.

Discussing the sporting impact of this positive diagnosis feels gauche, at this point -- Mitchell's the focal point of Utah's scoring, and an elite 23-year-old bucket-getter, but his averages simply don't matter, at this point. He's simply another young man who must get well soon in light of this increasingly rampant pandemic.