VIDEO: UFC Champ Jon Jones Spotted Confronting Protestors in Streets of Albuquerque

UFC superstar Jon Jones was calling out protestors on the streets of Albuquerque.
UFC superstar Jon Jones was calling out protestors on the streets of Albuquerque. /

Jon Jones might be engaged in a contentious dispute with UFC president Dana White, but he, like so many athletes across the globe, has put his own desires on hold to address the civil unrest that has burst forth from George Floyd's heinous murder. On Sunday night, protests hit Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Jones currently resides, and the 32-year-old superstar took it upon himself to confront demonstrators that had vandalism on their minds. In a video posted on Instagram, Jones can be seen demanding spray cans from two individuals, who made a wise business decision by choosing to oblige.

Jones, who surprisingly suggestd he was vacating his light heavyweight title over the weekend, has called for justice for Floyd, but he's also an adamant believer in speaking out the against violence and vandalism that has ransacked countless cities across the country. The all-time pound for pound star deserves credit for talking down the demonstrators as opposed to flexing his muscles and making his opinions known by force.

Jones is setting a strong example here. While he understands that millions of Americans are (and should be) angered and deeply saddened by Floyd's death, he's imploring protestors to refrain from looting and wrecking the cities in which they live. When you consider the message that the peaceful gatherings from Colorado to Washington DC are sending, the star UFC fighter's efforts should be commended.